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As Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, we are expecting a fun year with mostly in-person social activities. Stay tuned!

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7PM-midnight, 3rd Feb

We are holding a Stem Ball in collaboration with 7 other societies next February. Join us for a memorable nights with drinks and canapes in a glamorous venue. 

Dress code: Black tire

Limited tickets, buy now!

STEM Society Social

3PM-5pm, Wednesday 25th Jan

Join us for ice skating and bowling! A perfect opportunity to get to know more people within STEM and enjoy fun activities with your coursemates.


🍺PUB SOCIAL| Open to all years

From 7 PM,  1st Nov, The Court

We are hosting another pub social for students from all years! Join us at The Court on Tuesday 1st November to mingle with the coursemates with drinks and snacks🍟 Hope to see you all💗


Zombie run

We are hosting a Zombie Run in collaboration with UCL Life Sciences Society this Friday. Join and get a chance to win our amazing prize! Sign up  before 11am this Friday.

*Even if you are signing up as a team, every member must complete the form.

For non-members, visit our shop to purchase tickets for the event.

See you! xx

*Non-Members only


Pub Quiz

5PM-7PM, Friday 14th Oct

End your week with a fun Pub Quiz this Friday with your lovely coursemates! Snacks are provided so come along. ⚠️Spaces are limited so sign up asap⚠️ Sign up link in bio/website. See you soon ❤xxx



7:45PM, Monday 26th September

As summer is coming to an end, we are excited to meet our friends again on the very first day of term. Let’s catch up with a few drinks at The Court! Year 4 students are also welcome. No need to sign-up, just come!


1:30 PM, 29th Sep, Regent's Park

We are having a picnic for our lovely freshers with UCL Natural Sciences Society at Regent's Park on Thursday, 29th September. Come for a perfect opportunity to make new friends and enjoy the sun in one of London's Royal Parks! There is also opportunity to play sports such as football, rounders and frisbee for those who would like to engage in physical activities 👟 No sign-up needed!

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