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We are planning to hold a mix of both online and in-person academic events this year.

  • Term 1: Exam Tips&Tricks + Year 1 Representative Recruitment

  • Term 2: Career panels + Biohackathon

  • Term 3: Coming soon



As summer is approaching, join us for the Summer Internship Panel to gain insights into internship application tips and tricks, and how to make the most out of the experience!

Recording is now available.

Passcode: cCX66Tn^


 10th February 2023

Have you ever wonder how we can know anything about the origin of life ? Join us for Professor Nick Lane's talk on the evolutionary biochemistry and expand your knowledge on the field !

previous events

Exploring Genetic Risk and Tau in Neurodegeneration

6PM, Thursday, 26th Jan

🧠ACADEMIC TALK | Zoom, Friday, 4th November

Join Professor Magdalena Sastre from Imperial College London this Friday to know more about Alzheimer's disease and related research, along with a potential summer internship in her lab next year!🥼

Recording is now available!

Password: H$^&9LiQ



Internship panel🤯

6-7:15PM, Thursday 20th Oct

Are you interested in doing an internship? We are hosting an internship panel this Thursday! Join us to get insights about cool research projects and types of work that our students have been doing. Don't miss out as the session won't be recorded for confidentiality😎

Tips and Tricks

Online First Year Tips&Tricks

5PM-6PM, Monday 3rd Oct

Are you excited but not sure what to expect in first year? Don't worry, we are having an online Tips & Tricks session where you can get insights into different modules, exam revision and more! Join us on Monday 3rd October at 5pm to meet our lovely seniors and learn more about the course. Link will be available in our bio so keep an eye out👀. See you all soon!💗

Recording is now available. Passcode: t#2E6Kq^


Online Second Year Tips&Tricks

6PM-7PM, Monday 3rd Oct

If you are worried about the "big jump" between year 1 and 2, come to our Tips & Trick session on Monday 3rd October at 6pm! Information on modules, exam revision, different types of assessment and more will be shared by our beloved seniors. Link will be available in bio so keep an eye out👁! See you all soon xxx


Recording is now available. Passcode: qM25.PUd

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Drinks & Thinks

7PM, Tuesday 27th Sep

Freshers Week is coming soon! Wonder where to find like-minded friends and meet the professionals in the field? Signup for Drinks & Thinks networking social, a collaboration between the UCL Genetics, Neuroscience, AI, MedTech, and Biochemistry Societies to grow your professional network and create wonderful memories with jazz, food and drinks.
The event is semi-formal and is open to students of all years and degrees.

To purchase, visit Neurosoc website below!

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